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iTradefxlive is a multinational foreign exchange company that was established in South Africa by a self-made multimillionaire trader, Sandile Shezi.

The founder of iTradefxlive comes from very humble beginnings, he was born and raised in Umlazi which is a township that’s situated south of Durban. His love for the financial markets dates all the way back to 2009, when he was still trading stocks and later shifted his focus to currencies.

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We provide comprehensive guides on all-things trading – such as how the multi-trillion pound forex industry works, what CFDs are and why they are crucial for your long-term investment goals, leverage, the spread, market orders, and anything else that we think you should know before you start risking your own funds.

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Virtual Trading Floor

“The best way of learning about anything is doing” – Richard Branson.
“You don’t learn to walk by following the rules, You learn by doing and falling over.”- Richard Branson

The above two quotes motivate the founder of iTradefxlive to build a community of forex traders who will thoroughly analyze the markets together on a daily basis.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we decide to focus on growing this community online using Zoom as the main platform for our daily trading sessions. This is what led us calling this community the “virtual trading floor”, of which it later became popularly known is “VIF”. Your trading experience doesn’t matter, whether you started trading today or believe that you are a professional trader we believe there is no better trading community than VIF. Our head analysts pick charts that present the community with the best opportunities live on our Zoom trading sessions. This helps the community better understand how entry and exit points are identified. The most exciting part about this is that we allow members to contribute to said charts analyzed, and even share them with the rest of the community. Click on Join now to register and become a member of this growing community, once you register own team will send you Zoom details

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Live Mentoring: One-to-One Forex Coaching

This is your opportunity to book an exclusive 2 hour session with “Sandile Shezi.” Consultations are suitable for individuals that need assistance on a specific topic or area (example psychology of trading or fundamentals).

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“iTradefxlive offers the most simplified forex course in the world.”

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